Reg Point of Sale

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The Project

Reg is a native iPad Point of Sale application developed by the Limerick start-up Till Now Ltd.
Reg is aimed at small and medium independent retailers.

Before launching Reg, Till Now had over two years in the market providing a third party Point of Sale (POS) system, also for iPad.

My Role

When I came on board the Reg team as a UX/UI designer, most of the functionality and requirements had been defined, and some were already coded.

My role was to bring user needs to the process and to work alongside developers to create the best product for our customers.










Interface Design

Style Guide



Our Users

Reg is trageted at small and medium independent retailers. Most Reg customers are independent cafes and restaurants, and there is a number of barber shops.

Aesthe cs and familiarity with iOS systems factored in their choice of an iPad POS sytem over tradi onal ll systems as well as price.

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Competitive Analysis

To get started, I compared di erent Point of Sale Systems currently on the market.
At the me nearly all but one or two competing products seemed to be their visually unappealing interfaces that did not seem to consider usability or discoverability - aesthetics, layout and navigation feeling like an afterthought.
Features such as table handling, reports and inventories -important to our users - varied across the board.

User research

Till Now already had enough knowledge of its user base and potential market to create a primary and secondary persona.
Additional research was aimed at clarifying use cases, individual goals and pain points. This was conducted mainly through Interviews and Contextual Enquiries.

Specifications and Design Guidelines

I had never designed for iOS, so I familiarized myself with Apple Human Interface Guidelines, best practices and trends. I took an introductory course in Objective C and the Xcode environment to begin to understand what the language could and could not do and to be er communicate with developers.

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A small number of users were given a working version of Reg to test before release.
Their feedback and Cognitive Walkthroughs helped improve interactions.


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