Who I am

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I am a User Experience and Interaction Designer with a multidisciplinary background in fine art, design and  programming.

I was born in Argentina, lived in Ireland for a very very long time, and now I am based in The Netherlands.

I am a very curious person, and I enjoy trying to understand what the world is like from different perspectives.

My background is in Technical-Scientific Translation - which satisfied my curiosity for different areas of knowledge. I moved on to Fine Art to develop my love for creativity, visual and digital arts. I curated and organized exhibitions and events, and enjoyed coordinating projects involving many people and communities.

After a period working as a visual artist, I did a postgraduate degree in Creative Multimedia Programming, where I discovered UX and interaction design and it all came together.

I enjoy attending talks and conferences and learning new things all the time. Most recently, I did a workshop on how to design for Machine Learning.


what i do

I use my creative and analytical skills to translate high level complex requirements into intuitive interfaces.

In practice, this means talking, listening to and watching many people with different expertise - users, front and back-end developers, business analysts, all sorts of business stakeholders, researchers, marketeers, data analysts, product owners, managers and, of course, other designers.

Keeping things data driven and user centered, and making sure the design process goes as smoothly as possible.

There is intense collaboration, and there are also periods of working alone.

In the end, no matter how many conversations, iterations and revisions, the result should be a simple, easy and delightful experience.

For more details, check my LinkedIn profile